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Tests show up to a 10-15% increase in bat speed using ThumbPRO.

We get it, you train hard. When you're up at bat, you don't have time for fidgeting with your gear. ThumbPRO stays in place, optimizing your grip, giving you more whip.

Fun Fact: ThumbPRO is worn by MLB players throughout the league. Keep your eyes peeled on the batter's box!

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Ergonomic Design
Stays In Place
Extended Palm
Curved Surface Increases Bat Speed
Mounts On Thumb
Designed In 21st Century

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Love the ThumbPRO! Game changer!

Josh Jung



Got my ThumbPRO. Love this thing man. Feels so nice in the hand holding the bat. This thing is money.

I've gotten jammed 2 times and didn’t feel a thing. Wish I had this a long time ago haha”

Brock Lunquist



The ThumbPRO fits nicely between your hand and the bat. It 's almost like you don't know it's there. Really nice, love it!

Jason Agresti



Just wanted to say ThumbPRO is a game changer! Compared to all thumb guards it’s the most consistent one I’ve used as far as where it sits on the hand/thumb and where the bat sits in my finger tips. I love it. I will forever recommend ThumbPRO to everyone.

Nick Loftin



"I use ThumbPRO because it is the most comfortable thumb guard on the market. It gives me the protection I am looking for, without sacrificing comfort for grip!"

Gus Steiger



I had never used a thumb guard before, but after using the ThumbPRO, I'll always use one! It feels natural, like it's part of the bat; gives me a better grip and more power!

Gage Hughes



ThumbPRO’s guards are the best in the game. They fit better, prevent sting extremely well, and most importantly, allow me to swing without even realizing that it is there. There is zero competition from any other company.

Raul Shah



Absolutely loving the ThumbPRO more and more every day. It's so comfortable you can not even tell it's there, but it helps keep my grip aligned in the way I need it to be.

Patrick Galving

Galving Development


Update on ThumbPRO: Nothing comes close! I'll be using you guys the rest of the way.

Tim W.

T Swings Hitting



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Engineered + Designed + Manufactured in The USA