Hello From The Founders

ThumbPRO Baseball was founded in 2020 by husband and wife team, Craig and Nina. As a family owned and operated company, they are based in historic Concord, MA. Craig, inventor and CEO, and Nina, Director of Operations, head the team. Craig and Nina are hardcore baseball fans. They designed their baseball thumb guard with the express purpose of helping athletes be the best at the plate. They saw the need for a better thumb ring than what had been on the market for so many years.  

Both grew up in entrepreneurial families and they bring the value of small business to every aspect of their operations. They oversee the quality and craftsmanship of their thumb guard (which is made solely in the USA) and they strive to offer stellar personal customer service, valuing and appreciating every player who uses their thumb guard, whether pro, collegiate, high school, youth, baseball or softball. Every player knows that hand protection at the plate is essential for optimal performance. 

ThumbPRO’s many five star reviews speak for themselves with players touting the way this ergonomic thumb guard has helped them be better at the plate. As noted in one review:  

"...As far as functionality it's super comfortable and helps keep the bat in the fingers instead of deep in the hand. Game changer for sure.."

Some wonder what makes ThumbPRO different from any other thumb guard on the market. The answer lies in ThumbPRO's design, which is ergonomic, comfortable, ambidextrous, and it stays secure in place. This unique baseball thumb guard is made of durable polymers, comes in three sizes, and an array of colors.

ThumbPRO is on the hands of many MLB and pro players from the USA and around the world. It is a great thumb ring for players of all levels. Parents report that their youth baseball and softball players find that, as their trusted thumb guard, ThumbPRO, not only protects against bat sting, but also helps with hand placement on the bat. Young players no longer fear the dreaded bat sting and can swing with increased confidence, which makes a huge difference in their love of the game. Athletes find this thumb guard to be an important part of their gear to help avoid injury and increase exit velocity. 

As a recap, the benefits of ThumbPRO includes increased performance, offering needed hand protection at bat. 

* ThumbPRO Helps Prevent Bat Sting ~ Protects from getting jammed·       

* Is Engineered to Fit the Hand ~ Comfortably stays in place       

* Helps Players Avoid the Death Grip ~Unlocks optimal swing     

* Proudly Made in the USA of Shock-Absorbing Polymers

* Ergonomic, Comfortable, and Fits Both Left or Right-Handed Batters

Swing without the Sting! ™

Wishing you and yours a great season!

Craig, Nina & the ThumbPRO Team


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